Factory wholesale good quality manual capsule filling board

Factory wholesale good quality manual capsule filling board

Model No.︰SL-100P

Brand Name︰-

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 18 / pc

Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description

Product introduction:

The capsule is filled with 100 capsules at a time, which is composed of body plate, cap plate, middle rump plate, array plate, powder pressing plate and powder scraping plate.

The whole bright color, good toughness, thick materials, the use of new environment-friendly food crystal grade of new materials produced, Taiwan production

Health requirements for medicinal and edible crystals;Size guessing, easy to use, quick and convenient filling, even loading;Copy machine since

Dynamic permutation design, the capsule permutation speed is fast, the automatic permutation rate is high;The whole plate is automatically arranged and filled

Powder, whole plate cap lock, high efficiency, high rate of capsule table, is the ideal domestic non-mechanical capsule filling tool.



This product solves the problem of capsule filling when small and small amount of processing, production and self-made capsule agent, and is suitable for small medicine

Factory, health crystal, hospital preparation room, specialized clinics, cosmetic crystal, animal medicine crystal and other industries produce small batch capsules

Pharmacy, pharmacy, tonic health crystal store, scientific research institutions, laboratories, families, etc. For filling (fill

Empty heart capsule is also a spare and alternative tool for automatic capsule filling machine.


Product advantages:

The capsule filling plate is completely based on the characteristics of the hollow capsule and the principle of the capsule filling machine

Similar crystal production in the leading position, users are very satisfied;The capsule cap and body are arranged in imitation of the machine, with fast arrangement speed.

The whole plate cover locking table, no need to arrange the plastic bag one by one by hand, filling quickly, convenient and easy.


Applicable capsule model:

0#(capsule cap length is 10.7 millimeter-1 mm, body length 18.2 millimeter-18.5 mm, -granule

The capsule can contain 0.5g of pharmaceutical powder, which is the most commonly used domestic model of hydraulic capsules

Cold medicine is a no. 0 capsule.)


Product size:

00 E what l can fill 100 capsules) at a time.


Product composition:

1 arraying plate, 1 cap plate, 1 body plate, 1 rump plate, 1 scraper plate, 1 powder plate

Usage: it is used for filling the medicine and powder of hollow capsule.

Powder filling rate:

100(the capsule filling board has been equipped with compression board for users to increase the filling amount of the capsule

Internal powder compaction for secondary filling)


Operation manual:

1)    Put the body board in horizontal, then put the frame board on the body board (Attention: The two position pins of frame board should be accordance with the body boards). Then let off 500 pieces capsule body to the frame, swing the body board and frame board from one side to the other, the capsule body will fall in body board, when in full, Take away the frame body, and pour the other capsule body to a bag. Normally there are a few capsules which are in wrong direction, take out them and change the direction.

2)    The arrange method of cap is similar with body.

3)    After the body board is full in capsule body, and then pours the powder on the body board; use the stirrer to scrape the powder from one side to the other until the powder fill in the capsule.

Put the face of middle board which no gap aligning to the cap board, let the cap part which is out the cap board inserting to the middle board, then turn 180°, align them to the body board. Then lightly and carefully press by your two hands together until the all capsule body are inserted into caps. Then press at full tilt until pressing to bottom. Take away the cap board and body board, and then pour the finished capsules from the middle board.

Price Terms︰ FOB Shanghai

Payment Terms︰ TT

Packing︰ plywood cases

Lead Time︰ 3 working days

Standards Certificate︰ CE ISO

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