Intelligent Moisture Tester ZSF-III

Intelligent Moisture Tester ZSF-III

Model No.︰ZSF-III

Brand Name︰FLIGHT

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 1100 / unit

Minimum Order︰1 unit

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Product Description

The intelligent tester is widely used in the industries like industrial and mining enterprises, agriculture, scientific research institutions etc.

It can test the free water contained in the samples like tobacco, paper-making, food, tea, feed, grains, chemical raw materials, pharmaceutical raw materials and textile raw materials and so on.

  • Dried by halogen bulb at constant temperature, heat is concentrated to dry the moisture quickly.
  • High-precision temperature sensor and automatic frequency converting control technology, with high temperature control precision.
  • Combined measurement of multiple heating and analytical modes gives customers richer measuring means.
  • High-precision weighing sensor which can weight precisely.
  • Automatic detection of loss on drying and automatic calculation of moisture value after constant weight.
  • Automatic presetting of drying temperature and automatic test of moisture value, preset value and real-time value are displayed by time division.
  • Automation : automatic detection, automatic diagnosis and automatic alarm.

Measuring method

Halogen lamp radiant heater and high-precision weighing sensor technology

Weighing range

0 – 100 g


0.01%/0.001 g

Measuring range

0.01% - 100%

Set time

1 – 99 min ( 1 min interval )

Set temperature

50-150 (1 interval )

Heating source

300W annular halogen lamp

Working temperature

10 - 40

Power supply

AC,220V+/- 10% / 50HZ +/-1 HZ 1 phase

Size of scale pan

50 mm in diameter

Overall size

1000×200×300 mm