Factory wholesale bloom viscosity tester ND-III

Factory wholesale bloom viscosity tester ND-III

Model No.︰ND-III

Brand Name︰FLIGHT

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 1200 / unit

Minimum Order︰1 unit

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Product Description

The tester is used for detecting bloom viscosity of edible gelatin, industrial gelatin, bone gelatin,

Photographic gelatin and other substances.

Applicable standards:

  • National standard (Food additive Gelatin) GB6783-94
  • National standard (Hard gelatin capsule for medicine) GB1371-92
  • Industrial standard( Pharmaceutical Gelatin)  QB2354-98
  • Industrial standard( Industrial Gelatin)  QB/T1995
  • Industrial standard( Bone Gelatin)  QB/1996


  • Adopts the standard capillary viscometer stipulated in national standard in cooperation with laser ranging system controlled by microcomputer to test the flow of gelatin sol, calculate the flow time of sol, operate according to the way of Bloom and automatically display the bloom viscosity value of tested sample. It’s featured by reliable verification process, accurate measurement, good reproducibility, strong visibility and easy operation.
  • The design of display module of bloom viscosity tester starts with the need of large amount of information and high intelligentization to match with LCD with high resolution; users can enjoy intelligent operations according to the screen tips; Chinese character hint and quantitative index are provided for each operational process.
  • The temperature range of bloom viscosity tester is arbitrarily adjustable from 20ºC to 70ºC, which has great superiority for researching and analyzing the quality control in the production process of gelatin.
  • The design of bloom viscosity tester is in complete accordance with the provisions and requirements for instruments, appliances and determination methods in bloom viscosity determination methods stipulated in the standards such as Food Additive Gelatin of the PRC and Hard Capsule of Pharmaceutical Gelatin, etc. It can be widely applied to the production and test in the industries like medicine, chemical industry and gelatin to determine the bloom viscosity values of all kinds of gelatins.
  • The bloom viscosity tester can correct the non-linear error of jacket temperature automatically, monitor and realize fault diagnosis alarm automatically and track outrange protection in real time automatically.
  • The capillary viscometer allocated for bloom viscosity tester has been strictly corrected in accordance with national standard before the delivery. Its error compensation factor has been written into the program of microcomputer and brought to the operation process of viscosity value.
  • Automatic monitoring of temperature rise process, automatic fault detection and automatic outrange alarm.
  • The concentration value of tested substance is optional (6.67% and 12.5%); one-key conversion is realizable for the test of edible gelatin and industrial gelatin, the test precision is high; it has improved the phenomenon of inaccurate test for edible gelatin in original ND-II.



Tester range

0-99.9 mPa.s

Test accuracy

+/- 0.02 mPa.s

Temperature control

20 - 70

Temperature control accuracy

+/- 0.1

Time range

0-99.9 s

Time accuracy

+/- 0.1 s


100 ml

Volume accuracy

+/- 0.5 ml

Laser marking distance

151 - 153 mm

Total power


Power supply

AC,220V/50HZ or 110V/60HZ 1 phase or customized


12 kg

Overall size

400×300×510 mm

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