DPP-250Y 液体泡罩包装机

DPP-250Y 液体泡罩包装机





最少订量︰1 件



This machine is suitable for packing the liquid like chocolate, butter and jam etc.

This machine is the latest medicine and food packing machine which has a high quality and a high output. It has the advantages of improving the efficiency and reducing the cost. It is the first-choice packing equipment of producing of vocations such as pharmacy and food.  

This machine can be linked to produce with boxing machine and pillow packing machine.                                                               


l Forming film of reel support with automatic unwinding system.

l Paten heating system.

l Compressed air forming station.

l Automatic filling device.

l Cover foil reel support with automatic unwinding system cover foil unwinding system.

l Guide rails.

l Sealing station.

l Punching station.

l Waste winding unit.


l PLC touch screen control system.

l All materials contact parts are in S.S. 316L, The main body of the machine is fabricated out of

SS 304, Meet the GMP standard.

l With automatic liquid feeder.

l Board-shape mould, forming with air pressure, being suitable for standard of any former.

l Roller-thread hot-sealing, good sealing effect, light-electricity location, accurate synchronization

l Across non-waste sides’ punching can save about 200,000 materials every year.

l Production’s landscape orientation’s output can supply convenience to the boxing machine and pillow packing machine.

l Compact and simple structure.

l Platen sealing.

l Automatic rejection of blisters.

l Alarm system

l CE certificate.
Technical Parameters:

Maximum machine speed(cycles/min)

25 times/min

Maximum capacity

400 blisters/min

Forming materials


Maximum forming area

250x150 mm

Maximum forming depth

30 mm


5.7 KW

Power supply

AC,380V/50HZ 3 phase

Air consumption

≥ 0.22 M3/min(self-prepared)

Air pressure

0.6 MPa

Net weight

1500 kg

价格条款︰ FOB Shanghai

付款方式︰ TT

包装︰ 胶合板木箱

交货期︰ 15 个工作日

质量/安全认证︰ ISO CE